Meet the Team: Nathan Potter, Chief Operating Officer


This month, we’re talking to Chief Operating Officer Nathan Potter about his role, the standout moments from his time at Consortio Security and the much anticipated return of fans to the football stadiums:


What are your duties as Chief Operating Officer?

“I am the figurehead of the entire operational delivery side of what Consortio provide to our client base, which is circa 450 field-based employees. Our Head of Operations Wayne Redman deals with the day-to-day aspect of what we provide to our clients and I deal with the strategic aspect, thinking months ahead rather than days and weeks. Where we are successful with winning new contracts with multiple sites, I write and manage the Contract Implementation Plan, ensuring that all sites are mobilised in the correct manner to the correct standard, sometimes across all four regions. I work closely with key account clients and meet with most of them on a monthly or quarterly basis, though this is now achieved online rather than in person as a result of the current pandemic.”


How did you enter the security sector?

“I served in the British Army for 15 years prior to deploying back to Afghanistan as a Hostile Environment Project Manager in support of the US Military, a role that I thoroughly enjoyed. When I initially returned to the non-hostile world, I was going to take time off to relax and put my feet up, but I was offered the opportunity to do some consultancy work which I enjoyed and I have now operated within the UK security industry for 11 years.”


What’s the most rewarding part of your role within Operations?

Watching colleagues join our team in entry level roles and progress and evolve while I guide and mentor them, eventually seeing them promoted into much more senior roles. Everybody that has been part of the operational aspect of our business has been recruited with a transferable skill set of qualities and then has grown as they’ve worked with us, the same way that I have over the years. There is nothing better in any industry than watching colleagues progress and develop with your assistance and guidance”.


What’s your proudest moment as COO?

“Receiving our Armed Forces Covenant Gold Award. There’s been a lot of hard work that’s gone into getting our Gold Award, and we must be one of the youngest companies to receive it in the whole of the Midlands. We have many ex-service men and women working with us, primarily across our manufacturing and logistics portfolio, including a reservist who is often away with the RAF. Additionally, Mick Stone, our Head of HR, is based at an RAF base in Cyprus. I’m extremely proud of all of the work we do with current and ex-service personnel.”


What was your biggest takeaway from your time in the Military that you implemented into your role here?

“The biggest foundation for everything is integrity and mutual respect; if you are honest and train, develop and look after your people, they will show that same respect back. We’re all approachable, we’re all in it together and because of that people in every department tend to respect one another. We have a real one team ethos here at Consortio and that is evident across all departments which is amazing to see.”


How do you relax after a busy day as COO?

“I like to run and walk, play golf and watch my daughters play football. I also like to watch my beloved Leicester City; it’s looking like we are qualifying for the Champions League again and we have an FA Cup Final to look forward to, so Up the City!”


What are you most excited to do as lockdown rules begin to lift?

“One of the biggest things I’m excited about is getting back to sporting events – it’s a huge part of what we are here in the UK and everyone has missed attending whatever team or sport they support greatly. We also have England playing in the Euros, so hopefully they can have a great tournament as those moments are priceless.”


What’s your favourite place in the world to visit?

“Anywhere where there are good wrecks and I’m allowed to go diving or snorkelling, so Cyprus or the Maldives are two great options.”


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