7 Tips for Securing Your Home While on Holiday This Summer


As hotels and holiday destinations across the UK begin to open up, our people offer their security tips for ensuring all is peaceful back home during your trip.


“Make sure to install timer switches that can turn your lights on and off at regular intervals. It gives the impression that someone is home and therefore deters any intruders from attempting entry.”

Jeremy Pye, Head of Business Development


“My handy advice would be to ask a trusted friend or neighbour to hold a set of keys and check the house while you are away. Doing so is invaluable to making sure your home looks inhabited despite your absence.”

Jason Stacey, Operations Manager (South)


“Being tech savvy, we have installed a ring doorbell and CCTV so we can monitor our home from anywhere with an internet connection.”

“Additionally, our new build estate has a Facebook page where people post about suspicious activity etc, so if something is posted that alerts us, we send a family member round to check on things.”

Laura Gallagher, Accounts Clerk


“If you are leaving your car in a controlled car park that keeps hold of your keys, remember to remove your house keys from your key ring.”

Earl Knight, CEO


“I recommend vibration-based alarm systems on windows and doors. Traditional home alarm systems have their purpose, but some only work in the vicinity of your front door and can often allow time for intruders to get in and out swiftly. This way, an alarm is triggered as soon as someone attempts to disturb your key entry points, which can alert you (via wireless connection) or your neighbours (via sound) to the intruder’s presence.”

Cameron Chadwick, Marketing and Content Executive


“Don’t let the world know when and where you are going on holiday on social media, leave a spare key with a family member to open and shut your curtains in the morning and night, and never leave anything valuable on show.”

Elliot Moss, Head of Finance


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