Employee of the Month Awards: April 2021

Here are all the stories and winners for April 2021’s Employee of the Month Awards.


North / Central


Megan Chaplin


Megan Chaplin is nominated for Employee of the Month by one of our clients in the student accommodation sector, who stated:


“Megan has been fantastic with two emergency situations on her shifts, which received feedback from our board of directors stating that her actions and care of the students was exemplary. She is always fresh-faced, engaging, active and treats students with respect. She challenges inappropriate behaviour in a consistent and respectable way whilst following our policies and procedures. She is a real asset to Consortio and demonstrates one of the reasons we will continue to work in partnership with your business.” 


Excellent work Megan, well done.


Moses Wilson


Moses Wilson is nominated for Employee of the Month by one of our clients, who stated:


“Moses has grown in his role on site and has increasingly become very independent in reacting to various leaks around the building. However, this month Moses has stopped the occurrence of several parties in the building, helped police ascertain which flats may be breaking COVID-19 restrictions and arrived early to help cover staff shortfalls.”


Thank you Moses for your continued support and professional approach.





Gbadebo Ajibike


Gbadebo Ajibike is nominated by Regional Manager Jason Stacey for his outstanding contribution since joining the team at Consortio Security. Jason commented:


“Since joining us in May 2020, Gbadebo has been the most helpful, polite and professional Security Relief Officer. He is always ready to assist at short notice and is willing to travel outside his normal area of coverage to cover any additional requests. We always have positive feedback regarding his performance and he is a great asset to the team.”


Ross Burgess


Our client has sung the praises of Ross after he responded so positively and proactively to an incident on site. Ross has shown great ability and a level of calmness to deal with a situation professionally, going above and beyond to ensure the safety and welfare of the students.


This month’s winners are Megan Chaplin for North/Central and Gbadebo Ajibike for South. Both will receive a compliment letter from COO Nathan Potter, a special certificate and a shopping voucher. Congratulations!


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