Employee of the Month Awards: May 2021


Here are all the stories and winners for May 2021’s Employee of the Month Awards.


North / Central


Donald Grant


Donald Grant is nominated by Regional Manager Tom Dilley:


“Donald is an excellent team player and nothing is too much trouble for him. He has received numerous client compliments on his professionalism and customer service. He is a real asset to Consortio Security. Well done Donald, keep up the good work.”



Conner Hinkson


Conner Hinkson is nominated for Employee of the Month following feedback from Regional Manager Phil Nicholson and the client:


“Both Phil Nicholson and the client have recognised the hard work and dedication from Conner to the site. Conner has continually been on hand to support the trust in their activities and support cover staff in time of need.”






Seyitoye Murele (Femi)


Seyitoye Murele (Femi) is nominated for Employee of the Month after receiving the following feedback from site and residents:


“We recently had a blocked stack pipe which lead to the sinks in a flat continuously overflowing with foul drainage water. This caused a bad leak and some fairly extensive damage to the kitchen and surrounding areas. Femi was working the night shifts when this happened, so was faced with some disgruntled students as well as a nasty clean up mission! Femi remained calm and professional, ensuring that the affected students were offered alternative accommodation within the building, contractors were called, management was informed and even went out of his way to get the wet vac to clean up the mess on more than one occasion!”


We also received an email from one of the residents that was affected by the leak:


“Femi really helped to calm me down and offer reassurance in what was a very stressful situation. He also offered me another room to sleep in so that I could rest with peace of mind that everything was going to be resolved.”



Ramzan Khan


Ramzan Khan is nominated for Employee of the Month following feedback received from the site:


“We wish to express our gratitude and a big thank you for Ramzan for helping with a welfare issue last night. The residents said that the fact that Ramzan kept an eye on their flat all night and checked on them during the night helped them to feel more comfortable and less alone in a difficult situation. The BU Welfare Team is very grateful too.”


This month’s winners are Seyitoye Murele and Ramzan Khan. A big well done goes to both.


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