Little Wins: July 2021


Another new feature on the Consortio Security website, Little Wins celebrates the little sparks of joy and achievement in the days of our amazing employees.


Here are this month’s spectacular contributions:


Modou Jobarteh

“One day, a student came to me and told me she was feeling ‘Anxious and depressed about her assignment and needed to talk to someone’.

I offered her a seat on the sofa in the reception, made her a cup of tea and spoke to her about the work. Fortunately, the assignment was on contract law, which I have previously studied myself, so I was able to provide her with some clue on where to start and what to include. After about 30 minutes, she said that she felt a lot better than when she first came to me.

I watched her leave with a smile on her face, and she came back the following day to thank me for my help as it enabled her to make headway in her assignment.”


Mirza Ishtiaq

“The little thing I like to do each day is give a big smile to the handover staff and let them know they’re doing an amazing job. It keeps everybody happy and motivated!”


Kevin McGarrigle

“At my site, I helped a family find their mother who went missing. I spoke to her outside the building for over 45 minutes and didn’t realise at the time she was missing until I looked on Facebook! I let her family know and she was found the next evening. Since then, she’s been getting the help she needs. After it’d all been resolved, her family paid a visit to the site and thanked me.”


Graham Penn

“I witnessed a break-in at the home of an old lady who lived across the road from us. After contacting the police and giving a statement, the culprit was detained. A couple of days later, I got a note from the lady thanking me for contacting the police. This incident made me look into and set up a local neighbourhood watch scheme, which is at present is helping to reduce the crime rate in the village.” 


This month’s winner of a £25 gift voucher of their choice, as randomly selected, is Modou Jobarteh. Congratulations Modou and a big thank you to all for going above and beyond in your duties.


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