Employee of the Month Awards: June 2021


Here are all the stories and winners for June 2021’s Employee of the Month Awards.




Alan Briggs


Alan has been nominated by a client who stated:


“Alan always lets us know of any issues and is friendly to all the staff and contractors that come into the building. He goes beyond his job without being asked.”


Gift Shaba & Syed Imtiaz


Gift and Syed have been nominated by a client who stated: .


“Both Gift and Syed have adapted to the site. We have had great feedback from the tenants about both guys and their manners and attention to detail have been second to none. We are really happy with the progress they have both made.”



South West


Gumuk Rai


Gumuk is nominated for Employee of the Month by Regional Supervisor Robyn Hooper:


“Through the last month, Gumuk has been incredibly supportive of the needs of the client and residents of the sites he covers. His family in Nepal are currently in the midst of the pandemic and being hit hard. Despite the worries that Gumuk has about this, he has not skipped a beat with his duties – in fact, he has excelled. Usually he would have travelled home but this has not yet been possible.

He has taken last minute changes, additional cover, welfare requirements and safety issues in his stride whilst maintaining a positive attitude.”


Saskia Moore


Saskia is nominated for Employee of the Month following her actions on site whilst assisting the emergency services to deal with a bomb threat within the local area.


Saskia helped co-ordinate site efforts to ensure the building was secure and residents were informed of the situation at regular intervals. This clear communication and escalation ensured residents were not exposed to any further risk and the site remained under control and responsive to the needs of the emergency services. Well done Saskia.



South East


Samuel Frimpong


Samuel was nominated by Regional Manager Jason Stacey who stated:


“Sam is an excellent officer who is extremely dedicated to his role and is well thought of by the site management team. Having worked on the site for over three years, Sam has become a valued part of the team, is always on hand to assist with additional duties and consistently performs above the required standards. The was further evidenced with feedback from the customer”:


“Sam has been on site for several years and throughout this time he has been the perfect guard for us, helping with Check Outs, Check Ins and supporting residents with a variety of issues, as well as dealing with contractors when they are on site for urgent works. In all this time, Sam has always been positive, cheerful and has a really good relationship with the site team as well as residents. Sam is a very valued member of our team and I have the utmost trust in him when he is on shift.”


As chosen by COO Nathan Potter, this month’s winners are Saskia Moore and Samuel Frimpong. A big well done goes to both.


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