Day to Day with Paul Mason: Supervising Sites and Lifting Spirits


A brand new feature on, Day to Day goes in-depth with the people at the core of our service during their average day on the job.


This month, we get an insight from Regional Supervisor Paul Mason into his daily responsibilities, building relationships with officers and working on the road.


Paul’s vital role within the operation is broad and wide-ranging, but can be summarised into some salient daily duties. “I’m a Regional Supervisor. I go out and about out of hours, performing welfare visits, providing training and auditing adherence with service requirements and standards for the officers in order to make sure everyone is happy and able to meet our clients’ expectations.”


A position that constantly reacts to the needs of our clients and their people, a Regional Supervisor’s role is just as important in its planned duties as in its immediate necessities. “Anything that occurs during the night across a wide area of the country will be my responsibility to either address or escalate to an Operations Manager. I may have plans already as to how the night’s going to go, but needs that arise out of Sheffield, for example, may require my attendance and therefore I have to act promptly to resolve the issue.”


Regardless of the eventualities of any given night, Paul’s very active role within the company has little time for solitude. “Every night, I’ll be doing something. Often that involves welfare visits and training, but there is never a point where I will be based from an office. I’m always on the road.”


“I’m not an office-type person at all. I have to be out and about and on my feet. I can’t just sit somewhere, and so this is the perfect role for me!”


Paul Mason is just as concerned with the present demands of the Consortio Security operation as he is with the future of our service. “If an Operations Manager can’t see a prospective officer in the daytime, the responsibility can fall to me to interview them for the position. We’ll arrange a time to meet that is convenient for the interviewee!”


While it may seem a more nominal aspect of Paul’s role, maintaining a consistently high morale on our sites is crucial for maintaining their security. “I look to ensure that our people are vigilant at all times. It happens to all of us – when you’ve been somewhere for a long time, you often believe you’ve seen everything. But that raises the possibility to miss things and become less alert. As a supervisor, it’s really important for me to ensure our officers are always tuned in to the activities around and within the site. The majority of the time, however, issues don’t arise, which is definitely a good thing.”


Despite his myriad activities and tasks, there’s one simple pleasure that keeps Paul driven, day in, day out. “Keeping the staff happy. That’s the most rewarding thing for me – I love to put a smile on our officers’ faces!”


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