Employee of the Month Awards: December 2021


Here are all the stories and winners from December 2021’s Employee of the Month Awards:


Ian Hillaby & Paul Galbraith


Ian and Paul are nominated by a client in the student accommodation sector following a successful Christmas period:


“I just wanted to say thank you to Ian and Paul for all of their hard work over Christmas. They did a great job of keeping the site looking presentable and clean, which I am aware is beyond their role. It was also great not to be disturbed over Christmas which myself and my team really appreciate.”



Jason Elliot


Jason is nominated by a client in the student accommodation sector for continued good work and dedication:


“Jason has been a pivotal support to us. The support he provides to the property team as well as to his own team is vital. He has built a great relationship with our students and is always prepared to go out of his way to support all aspects including pastoral care and maintenance issues. His handovers are always thorough, and he continues to look for opportunities to ensure students’ feedback is listened to and they are taken care of. He really is an invaluable member of the team and we are grateful to have him!”



Abdul Quahir


Abdul has been nominated by a residential client for outstanding professionalism in an emergency:


“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we are with Abdul on site. He has been an absolute asset to the building. His work and support with the arrest of a person breaking and entering has been amazing. Please take a moment to read the feedback from one of our residents below”:


“Security officer Abdul provided a really reliable, sensible, professional and caring response to my daughter experiencing a medical emergency. I would like his excellent work to be accounted for and recognised. The ambulance was called but took four very long hours to arrive (no judgement on the NHS we all understand the system is strained). As soon as I knew an ambulance was called, I contacted security and that’s when I first had contact with Abdul, who remained calm and reassuring.


 As the hours passed, I remained in contact with Abdul. He had my landline number, and at each stage he carefully reasoned through the options available that best supported my daughter, each time keeping his voice modulated and steady, affirming next contact. When I lost contact with my daughter, Abdul reviewed the position quickly and, with me on an open phone line, went into my daughter’s room, being careful to gain my daughter’s consent.  My daughter affirms that Abdul treated his visit to her room with great consideration, efficiency and a professionalism that reassured her. He also gave me running commentary on the situation – again with complete professionalism and in a calm manner. I know this is not easy to do when faced with a medical emergency. Once the paramedic response was completed, Abdul followed up with me again which included with genuine care that my daughter was showing signs of improvement.


I am reassured that my daughter is supported by such a professional team as represented by Abdul’s capable and caring conduct during the prolonged medical emergency.”



Will Hayward


Will is nominated by Head of Operations Wayne Redman for his continued support and professionalism during a busy period over Christmas and the New Year. He has been on hand to support new team members and the wider operations team to ensure continuity and stability on site. Will is a great asset to the team in Plymouth and I appreciate his efforts and support.


December’s winners, as chosen by COO Nathan Potter, are Ian Hillaby, Paul Galbraith and Abdul Quahir. A very well done to all nominees, we appreciate your dedication!


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