Day to Day with Laura Henderson: Locating Leads and Building Relationships


Day to Day goes in-depth with the people at the core of our service during a typical day in their working life.


In this edition, we get an insight from Business Development Executive Laura Henderson into making valuable connections and setting the scene for enduring client relationships.


As with a growing proportion of modern professions, Laura’s work often begins online, making sure she is as visible and approachable as possible as a representative of Consortio Security. “We identify prospective clients in certain industries, such as the student accommodation sector, and I like to connect with them on LinkedIn as a way of introduction between our two companies. I find that provides a great insight into our ethos and the services we offer. I get to be the starting point for that client relationship.”


“It causes a domino effect too as it helps me become more and more prominent on the platform. For example, if we go to call somebody who might be interested in our services, they may have seen the company and my posts online, which means they may be more likely to know who we are and what we do!”


Naturally, the conversation with a potential client ensues. Our Business Development team take a good look into the areas we already cover to discover new, exciting opportunities. “We manage the services at a number of client sites in Sheffield, for example. I try to identify other prospective clients in that area and enquire about their current security solution. That’s where our amazing feedback and the clients we already protect come in. The outstanding work done by our officers on similar projects backs up the alternative we offer and eases along my discussions with the prospect.”


Emails, phone calls or a combination of both then follow as Laura gets to know the prospect and their security needs and desires. But, on occasion, identifying an opportunity can happen in a more traditional way. “There was a site that I drove past every single day. Sure enough, before long we’d booked an appointment and paid a visit to discuss the benefits of partnering with Consortio Security. Members of our team will keep an eye on a new property as it develops or, more fashionably, notice the emergence of an exciting new opportunity on LinkedIn. We also receive regular intelligence from various trade publications that keeps us in the loop on new developments across the country.”


What sets Laura apart is her adaptable and professional approach, which allows her to communicate effectively with a range of clients and prospects. But knowing the ins and outs of Consortio Security as a whole is just as important as being the friendly voice on the end of the phone. “You pick up how the other person would prefer to be spoken to by their own manner. Some people like a chat, whereas others just want to get down to the facts.”


“Preparation is key for a productive conversation. It’s very common for prospects to ask what sites we protect nearby so I always have that information in my mind. I’ve now been in this role for long enough that I have connections between regions and sectors in my memory ready to go.”


What keeps Laura enthralled in her role at Consortio Security is the constantly evolving landscape of the opportunities ahead. “I always keep in touch with prospects to ensure they remain aware of our developments, and to ensure we are available to assist when required. Sometimes the individual I’m speaking to will have exciting developments, such as a date for tender, and other times I’m able to inform them of our recent successes. Keeping that conversation going means we are able to build understanding and trust, generate confidence in the minds of the client and, we hope, be allowed to bid for their business in the future”.


“Occasionally in my role you can come across a week you think is going to be quiet, but something changes and you’re able to fill your diary with new meetings. Every week has the chance to be something different, and that’s what I enjoy most.”


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