Christine Frost

Day to Day with Christine Frost: Making Payroll Perfection For All


Day to Day goes in-depth with the people at the core of our service during a typical day in their working life.


In this edition, we get an insight from Payroll Manager Christine Frost into the duties and responsibilities that make her role so pivotal in Consortio Security, and the personal aspects of running the payroll department that she most enjoys.


Payroll might sound like a department buried deep in the operations of the company but, in reality, and especially for Christine, it is one of the most employee-focussed departments we have. “Payroll is found at the core of Consortio Security – it puts the financial welfare of our employees at heart. Our payroll department does its utmost to run in an accurate and timely manner, which allows our employees to perform their responsibilities without having to worry about their income.”


Christine’s duties as an experienced payroll profession are continuous and evolving. “It is my responsibility to ensure the company’s compliance with HMRC, so being proactive is vital for my role. The Government publishes new legislation frequently, making it important to keep an eye on new developments. As a member of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, I keep well-informed of any changes to employment law. If the change affects our employees, they are informed through the company newsletter, which is one of the ways that monthly publication plays an important role in Consortio Security employee life.”



The human aspect is the part of payroll that keeps Christine motivated to provide the best service for our people. “When assisting employees with their payroll, pension and holiday queries, I always aim to go one step further to explain the rationale behind the answers I provide. Encouraging greater understanding across our workforce makes the department more efficient and provides for a quicker, more effective service in the event of enquiries. We have amazing employees that are incredibly polite when speaking to me over the phone, and it is my pleasure to help them out however they wish to contact me!”


A passion for people naturally fuels a passion for payroll, and the developments that regularly occur in the profession provide welcome challenges for Christine and her positive work ethic. “I find that change in my role is there to be embraced. If our employees know that their pay queries will always be met with the most up-to-date, informed response, then they are more likely to enjoy their time with Consortio Security and advocate for all the advantages we provide.”



More specifically, Christine has made it regular practice to complete the payroll process further in advance of payday. Where other companies may frustrate employees by forcing them to wait for adjustments in the following month’s paycheck, Christine allows time for Consortio Security employees to view their payslip before their pay has been sent, so they can make enquiries directly to her in good time. The unique approach speaks to Christine’s commitment to fairness and high quality employee service, and contributes towards our distinction as a people-focussed company.


“My goal is to prevent any queries being necessary on payday. If I take pride in my role paying our employees and enjoy every work day to the fullest, then the chances are they will feel the same about their role in the company. It all comes together to make everyone’s life as simple and prosperous as possible.”


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