Elliot Moss

Day to Day with Elliot Moss: Leading the Finance Team to Success


Day to Day goes in-depth with the people at the core of our service during a typical day in their working life.


In this edition, we get an insight from Head of Finance Elliot Moss into balancing the Consortio Security books and ensuring smooth synergy between his different team members across the Finance department.


While one of the most complex when it comes to the technical details, Elliot’s role can be summarised into some broad but simple responsibilities. “My overall aim is making sure the company remains prosperous. Equally importantly, my objective is to manage the Finance department and keep track of our sound financial position. That involves making sure we are getting paid and paying others perfectly on time.”


“On a daily basis, my responsibilities directly link to the great work the Business Development department does. When we go out and bid for new contracts, it falls to me to check that the numbers on the proposals all add up. Everything else comes from there – ensuring funding is in place, paying wages and ensuring good cash flow throughout the business.”


Beyond the intricacies of finance, Elliot is also a leader. Assisting the invaluable work of Payroll Manager Christine Frost and Accounts Clerk Laura Gallagher is the integral second dimension to his role at Consortio Security. “All aspects of finance play into one another, so I can act as an intermediary between them all. Christine and I are in regular discussions when it comes to any new developments with payroll, and I often help out Laura in her work with clients and suppliers. They’re both very experienced in their roles so most of the time I simply provide guidance and let them continue to work fantastically, as they always do.”


“Each month acts a cycle, but that isn’t to say that there aren’t always important tasks in the pipeline. Presenting our figures to the board each month is one of the big responsibilities I take on, as well as preparing budgets and forecasts for our future.”


The landscape of finance and the company as a whole is ever-evolving too, which means one monthly cycle is never quite the same as the one before for Elliot. “The likes of new tax legislation affects our payroll work and corporation tax affects our year-end submissions. I’m always keeping up to date with the latest developments to adhere to my high standard as an ACCA certified accountant.”


Some may see finance as an essential part of any company’s operation, but for Elliot, his career is his passion too. “It’s difficult to define what I do because there are constantly different things happening in the world of finance. A lot of people may not be interested in my job because it can be repetitive. But repetition for me means stability. It’s always stable here and that means I get to do the job I love, day in, day out.”

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