Mick Stone

Day to Day with Mick Stone: At the Heart of HR


Day to Day goes in-depth with the people at the core of our service during a typical day in their working life.

In this edition, we get an insight from Head of Human Resources Mick Stone into how he caters for all things ‘people’ at Consortio Security.


At Consortio Security, we aim to attract and retain the highest quality personnel in the industry. But recruitment is a two-way street. While we ensure all of our officers achieve an outstanding level of service, we also have our own duty to provide for all of our employees’ questions and concerns during their time here. That means that the best people come to us because they feel valued. At the core of this service is Mick Stone.


“Queries that relate to an officer’s rights, responsibilities and entitlements come to me. I’m on hand to provide the most accurate, up-to-date response to those queries. But beyond that, I provide a voice to the workforce within Consortio Security, making sure their input plays an active role in how we operate.”


Due to the broad nature of Human Resources, enquiries can relate to a range of issues, all important to our employees. “Queries about all of the various aspects of Consortio Security employee life can land on my desk. Whether it’s a question about holiday, pay entitlement or absence, I’m always present with the right information about our people’s entitlements and benefits.”


The fluid but solid structure we use at Consortio Security helps employees build a clear path to Mick Stone’s assured advice in case of uncertainty. “The main point of contact for our officers is their Operations Manager. But I recognise that some issues might pertain to the administrative work we do here in Head Office, which is why it’s great to have me in place to look impartially at every individual employee issue.”


When it comes to the day to day administration of our recruitment, however, Mick plays a vital role in the advertisement of our vacant roles on accessible job sites such as Indeed. Making the responsibilities and advantages of each opportunity clear encourages high quality personnel to join our team.


“From there, the most important element is employee screening. Officers must go through initial screening, including confirming their SIA licence, before they can be deployed to a site, and then within 12 weeks full written screening must be conducted. Within the UK security industry, everybody must be compliant with British Standard 7858/2019, so our screening is thorough so as to be in line with that standard. An informed, efficient HR methodology such as ours will always make sure processes like screening will go smoothly.”


Mick believes the two key elements of compliance with national standards and creating an ideal work environment are instrumental for effective HR management. By providing industry-leading welfare standards, Consortio Security employees are empowered to thrive and develop their professional skills even further.


Despite the complexity of it, human resources offers Mick a constant feeling of engagement and gratification due to its variety. “The thing about working in HR is that it is people-focussed above all else. No two days are the same and the queries you receive range from simple to detailed. Despite my extensive knowledge, every day provides a new learning opportunity because there are always more potential situations to come across.”




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