Jeremy Pye

Day to Day with Jeremy Pye: Looking to the Bright Future of Business Development


Day to Day goes in-depth with the people at the core of our service during a typical day in their working life.


In this edition, we get an insight from Head of Business Development Jeremy Pye into his comprehensive understanding of what it takes to grow a security company and lead a team to prosperity.


Naturally, the essence of Jeremy’s role is in line with the aspirations of the company as a whole. “Consortio Security is an established, independent, mid-sized security company serving a variety of business sectors across the UK. We cater specifically for quality-conscious businesses who believe in the value of highly effective security solutions. My role is to grow the business profitably by forming enduring partnerships with clients who seek a high quality service that will protect their people, property, assets and brands.”


We previously covered the work of experienced Business Development Executive Laura Henderson, who often acts as a first port of call for new and prospective clients. Jeremy provides an instrumental support function for the whole department, as well as being an accessible and knowledgeable contact for clients himself. “Supporting the Business Development team to engage with our target market and create growth opportunities is my prime daily activity. Equally importantly, I work with our prospective clients to provide service solutions that will result in enduring, tangible benefits. As a familiar face to existing clients, I also often provide assistance to our operations team to meet their needs.”


To really get into the detail of Jeremy’s role requires a closer look at the unique and valuable position he maintains for the people that make up our client base. A professional in the industry as much as a trusted representative of the company, he aims to reliably deliver on his promises and provide expert advice to benefit the people and businesses we work with.


By now, it has likely become apparent that Jeremy’s role is as broad as it is versatile, but this variety is just another element that makes the position perfect for its holder. “The Consortio Security team work collaboratively, and as such a proportion of my time can be spent assisting colleagues or contributing to projects unrelated to sales or marketing. During the past week, I’ve met with potential equipment suppliers, provided TUPE advice to a client and contributed evidence to an insurance claim. The range of challenges is one of the many aspects of my role that I enjoy.”


A function as future-focussed as leading the Business Development department necessitates an adept understanding of potential industry shifts, an understanding that Jeremy has no shortage of. “Emerging technology will improve the value of our service, which it could be argued is required to mitigate the impact of rising employment costs. As of early 2022, the UK labour market faces the challenge of a reduced available workforce. Higher wages will drive many companies to retain the most experienced, diligent employees, but clients such as ours will rightfully continue to desire value. New technologies could enhance that value by helping to provide a more protective and intelligent service, which I find exciting as our operation continues to develop.”


Despite the intricacies of heading up a key department in a growing security company, there are some key values that Jeremy believes can maximise the efficacy of any team. “For me, transparency is the most important element of leading a team to success. It is essential that my team can appreciate the impact of the great work they do. Prospecting can be a frustrating process that requires patience, resilience and tenacity. I hope and believe the team understand how important their role is in our success to date, and in our success to come.”


“Beyond my role, appreciation, recognition and reward in Consortio Security is never hard to find. Contribution to the company’s growth results in security and opportunity for hard-working employees and their families. That strong ethos is what continues to motivate me to contribute towards the company’s growth the best I can.”




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