Employee of the Month (North) February 2021: Simon Mason

Put simply, Simon Mason was responsible for providing life-saving emergency treatment to a resident at a student accommodation development until the arrival of the emergency services.


At the time of the incident, Simon was performing his duties in the reception area. A resident had been watching football with two friends in a communal area of the development. The resident left the room for a short period, but shortly after they were discovered by the two friends in their room with a single stab wound to the chest. The individuals sought Simon’s help from reception – he promptly contacted the emergency services and rushed to the scene, attending to the rapidly deteriorating injury himself.


The only person on-site with the expertise to stem the bleeding, Simon engaged with the client during the emergency and was able to employ his first aid training and many years of experience to stabilise the resident’s condition until the emergency services arrived.


By all accounts, the resident’s chances of survival would have been significantly reduced in the absence of proper emergency medical treatment. We commend Simon for his exemplary skill and unwavering confidence when faced with a true life-or-death situation.


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