2020 Employee of the Year Awards: Robyn-Marie Hooper & Luigi Fortunato

Robyn-Marie and Luigi showed the utmost co-operation and co-ordination during a complex and serious incident that involved many challenging moving parts, ultimately bringing all of them to a peaceful solution.


The supervising officer Robyn-Marie was contacted by the client to inform her of an assault in progress at the residential site in the early hours of the morning. Robyn-Marie and Officer Luigi Fortunato arrived at the scene to find one victim. Despite their refusal of medical or police assistance, Luigi continued to support the victim which allowed Robyn-Marie to secure the building.


Both officers then located the two assailants, who engaged them in a threatening manner, but shortly after were found unconscious and unresponsive as a result of drug use. Luigi shone in his ability to simultaneously pacify the victim and check the status of the assailants, which allowed Robyn-Marie to co-ordinate the emergency services, the control room and the on-call manager. Most of all, he performed his duties in a calm and collected manner, which de-escalated the volatile situation on-site.


Furthermore, when the two assailants regained consciousness and again became aggressive, Robyn-Marie and Luigi were able to protect the attending emergency crews and the other residents from harm.


Robyn-Marie’s co-ordination resulted in the safe transportation of one of the assailants by police and the victim by an ambulance, as the other was too aggressive and intoxicated to receive the assistance of the emergency services.


Luigi, on the other hand, was requested by the client to remain on-site for the remainder of the night to ensure its continued security. His commitment to his duty following what was already a scary and tough evening is to be highly commended.


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