Employee of the Month Awards: October 2021


Here are all the stories and winners from October 2021’s Employee of the Month Awards:


 Yussuf Nur


Yussuf has been nominated for Employee of the Month following some extremely positive comments from a client:


“Yussuf coped so well with with a situation where power was lost to the site. He was great at taking the initiative and ensuring all tenants were evacuated, fantastic at communication and, most importantly, kept composed under pressure. Loss of power on other sites may be a small job, but for us, it’s a huge operation with substantial risks which require management. Yussuf played a pivotal role.”


Fantastic work, well done Yussuf!



Amber Shore-Marston


Amber has been nominated by an operations manager following her response to a first aid incident:


“Amber tended to a resident’s guest who had suffered a head injury at the front doors. She stayed calm and dealt with emergency services while keeping the casualty comfortable. The client was impressed with how Amber dealt with the incident and passed along their praise.”



Ian Haley


Ian has been nominated for Employee of the Month after receiving this feedback from a client:


“Ian is passionate, caring, thorough and well respected by students and staff alike – he always goes above and beyond and I wanted to share my appreciation.

This past weekend, Ian dealt with a difficult situation in a calm and collected manner. He helped reassure the students and kept our building safe. I’ve worked for many years in student accommodation – people like Ian are what we need. We are thrilled to have him working with us.”



Lwin Oo


Lwin has been nominated after we received the following comments from a client:


“Lwin deserves a medal. He has had a few disruptive customers to deal with recently and has always remained professional. We very much appreciate him and his efforts.”


As chosen by COO Nathan Potter, October’s winners are Yussuf Nur and Lwin Oo. This was another strong month from our field-based teams, so Nathan would like to pass on a very well done to all nominees!


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