Employee of the Month Awards: September 2021


Here are all the stories and winners from September 2021’s Employee of the Month Awards:




Richard May


Richard May has been nominated for Employee of the Month by Regional Manager Andrew Cambridge. Richard prevented stock loss on site due to being vigilant and proactive in his role by identifying the suspicious behaviour early, which allowed the perpetrator to be stopped prior to leaving site and the item to be recovered. This was followed by escalation to the site management team and a post-incident report being submitted to our National Control Centre, which was of a very high standard. Well Done Richard!





Moses Wilson


Moses Wilson received the following feedback from one of our partners:


“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with Moses. Moses was a great help during the latter part of check out week; he assisted in clearing rubbish, mopping floors, tidying up and putting things back in their places, and was generally happy to help in whatever way he could.”



South East


Ann Jonas


Head of Operations Wayne Redman would like to nominate Ann Jonas for an Employee of the Month award following some excellent feedback from a resident:


“I am writing you a message to compliment one of your employees, Ann Jonas. Since she started to work here, Ann has already become a huge asset to our residence. She is very amiable, polite, helpful and friendly. When I was feeling a bit down, she was there to listen and cheer me up with her positive thoughts and words, especially during lockdown when I had no one to speak to. Although listening to the personal story of the residents is not her primary role, she was willing to be a help to anyone at the reception. She is a credit to Consortio Security.”



South West


Ross Burgess


Ross Burgess has been nominated by Regional Manager Robyn Hooper following feedback from our client who highlighted that his attitude and professionalism over the busy check in period has been noticed and commended. He has handled difficult situations very well and has been a credit to his team.


Syed Saleem


Syed Saleem has been nominated by Regional Manager Robyn Hooper for his professionalism, positive attitude and proactive attention to his duties, which was noted by Regional Supervisor Danny Carter during his last visit. He commended Saleem on his can-do attitude and attention to duties. He has also been very supportive of the client and his team during check ins.


As chosen by COO Nathan Potter, this month’s winners are Richard May and Ann Jonas. There were some fantastic stories this month, so Nathan would like to pass on his appreciation and congratulations to all nominees!


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