2020 Employee of the Year Awards: Yousif Ahmed

Yousif was brought onto the Consortio Security team to support a client that operates within the housing association sector, but ultimately became pivotal in a very serious, difficult and frightening situation.


The incident occurred following a period of outstanding dedication to the alleviation of challenges such as anti-social behaviour, contributing towards significantly improved peace of mind for the client and their residents.


On the night in question, Yousif was conducting a routine welfare check on the residents. One of the residents failed to respond to the check, prompting Yousif to proceed towards their room, finding them unconscious and suffering a seizure in the hallway. This was Yousif’s first encounter with a scenario of this kind and magnitude, and therefore his intuition in the actions that followed was nothing short of exceptional.


Yousif remained calm, despite the difficulty of the situation, put the resident into the recovery position and contacted 999. He shone in keeping the resident as comfortable and relaxed as possible during the wait for emergency services, in a situation that was certainly scary for both Yousif and the resident.


Following the arrival of the emergency services and the resident’s transportation the hospital, Yousif immediately went on to attend to another resident with difficulties. This is a testament to his resilience and capability under pressure.


Today, the resident is in good health and remains incredibly grateful for Yousif’s care and attention.


Yousif is a credit to Consortio Security and the client.


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