Employee of the Month Awards: August 2021


Here are all the stories and winners from August 2021’s Employee of the Month Awards:


South West


Luigi Fortunato


Luigi Fortunato has been nominated by Regional Manager Robyn Hooper for his continued professionalism and support through adversity. Luigi has been working on the same project for a number of years and continually maintains high levels of performance and service to Consortio Security and the site.


South East


Ibrahim Hassan


Ibrahim Hassan has been nominated by Regional Manager Jason Stacey.

When dealing with a serious self-harm incident at a site recently, Ibrahim remained calm, dealt with the situation professionally and administered first aid until a paramedic attended the site.

The Deputy Manager also had this to say about Ibrahim:

“I have just finished watching the CCTV and can confirm Ibrahim’s statements match the footage. I can tell his patience must have been well and truly tested that evening. I was the manager on call and it looks like he handled the situation as well as could have done in the circumstances.”


Seyitoye (Femi) Murele


Femi Murele has been nominated by Regional Manager Jason Stacey.

Femi received positive feedback from the Events and Summer Programme Coordinator at the site:

“Femi has been fantastic and very polite to our reps. Upon failing to recognise some personnel (as we need to update our student staff signage), he called me to provide verbal authorisation to enter the office. This ensured everything continued to work safely and securely. Thanks Femi! 😊“

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